Athens, Santorini and Mykonos InfoMap!

Easy way to plan before you travel. Click on the links and mark the locations to find your way around!


When to Travel?

Where Athens does not experience extreme climatic conditions and is mostly travel-worthy throughout the year, it would be better to travel when the likelihood of rains are lower. So we would recommend, travel between March to May. But if one wants to avoid the crowds and enjoy off-season prices, October-November is the time to drop in!

Where to stay?

If one plans to visit the ancient sites of Acropolis, enjoying local delicacies or shopping at the flea market, Monastiraki ( ) is where the action is, on present day as well as historically. Being the city centre, the prices in Monastiraki do tend to be tad inflated, one can instead choose to stay in areas near the metro-line which connects well to all places of interest as well as the Airport. We nestled in an airbnb in Marousi which was at a walkable distance from Neratziotissa next to The Mall, Athens. (Find the location here: )

Travelling around Athens

The metro line connects all parts of Athens well. But be sure to check the distance between where you plan to stay to the nearest metro station. Sometimes the walks can be longer than comfortable.

Though cabs are available round the clock and one can flag them down almost anywhere, these websites/apps would be handy in Athens.

Places of interest (Use the links below to start mark the places and trace your routes):

  • In and around the Acropolis:
    1. As you make your way up the Acropolis, you may get down at the Monastiraki station and work your way up through:
      • Hadrian’s Library ( )
      • The Ancient Agora ( ) to the Roman Agora ( )
      • The Horologion of Andronikos of Kyrrhos / The Tower of Winds ( )
      • And then up the hill you go!
      • If your plan is to visit the Acropolis Museum and the Hadian’s Arc first, we would recommend you get down at the Acropolis station. ( )
      • Plenty of places to grab at bite around Monastiraki as well as Plaka.
      • Filopappou Hill or Hill of the Muses: A quiet walk up the hill breaks out of the nearby foliage to reveal a beautiful view of the Acropolis. One would also cross Socrates’s prison and end up at the Filopappou Monument. Plan your day for a late evening walk to watch the setting sun cast a golden glow on the acropolis (while facing the Acropolis, expect the sunset to your left). Be sure to check for any renovation works ongoing on the Pantheon, one wouldn’t want to ruin the photographs with scaffolding. Location:
      • Areopagus Hill: If the view from the Filopappou Hill is less than perfect, another vantage point for photographing the Pantheon is this place. Location:


Where to Stay?

Santorini caters to quite a range of budgets and preferences. From exotic hotels in Fira facing the all-too-popular caldera to several airbnbs sprinkled all over the island.  We always prefer airbnbs and hostels as it allows to spread the budget better. Enabling a long stay, one gets to experience the local culture much deeper than being stuck behind cushy walls. The Utopia Guesthouse, a happily yellow hostel facing Perissa Beach was a warm and welcoming place. With a motley of travellers from the unimaginable nooks of the world congregated at this little place, the evenings were filled with colourful conversations and vivid stories.


Getting around

We found the bus system around the island quite comfortable. However, for the ones that are in a hurry, this is not recommended as the buses run at 45 minute intervals and missing one would mean a long wait. Bikes and cars are for hire and one comes across several such garages that rent out the vehicles across Santorini.  You can find the bus time tables here: ( )

Places of Interest

  • We’d like to start with our favourite place: A 30 minute hike up the Messavouno hill leads one to Ancient Thira. The remains of the bygone era and the holder of majestic panoramic views of the island. There are two approaches to the ruins. One could start from Perissa and hike up the hill. Alternatively, drive up the side facing Kamari Beach and simply stroll up to the peak. Location:
  • Akrotiri, Minoan Museum and the Red Beach. ( )
  • Of course, there is something about lighthouses. They stand there alone, a beacon of land in a quaint sort of way. So, next stop for you could be the Akrotiri Lighthouse. A road would lead you right up to it. Ideal place to watch the sun retire for the day. ( )
  • Stepping on the volcanic centre of the epic caldera that had violently sent hot-stuff flying for miles at least 6 times in recorded history is keenly advised by us. Take catamaran tours to Nea Kameni and swim to the hot springs (only if you are adept at swimming) and then cut through the seas to enjoy fabulous sunsets at Oia.
  • The famous Fira definitely deserves a visit to enjoy the spectacular view of the caldera. But make sure to make your way up to the windy Anastasi Church in the Imerovigili village. ( )

PS: Next stop for us was Mykonos. But quite frankly, we simply lay around in our sea facing air bnb with more than a few bottles of wine. We did exert ourselves to the extent of walking down the Mykonos square to grab some delicious food, walked around the refreshingly white streets around the Paraportiani Church and the Windmills of Kato Milli. We also discovered a happily orange window selling delight in the form of crepes which we made a few meals out of. ( ) also try the Gyros Corner just down the road ( ).

Stay tuned for more info maps!! Do drop a comment below for any queries!!



Photos by Anant Raje

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